Camden Blues

Joseph G. Anthony


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Camden Blues  $16.00.  220 pages.
ISBN 978-1-936138-00-5

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New York City and the dying factory town of Camden are the settings for a fascinating cast of characters in Joe Anthony’s Camden Blues. Anthony demonstrates remarkable versatility as he writes in a variety of voices, both male and female, of mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, drinkers and lovers. He chronicles stevedores contending with the Great Depression, and nuns, priests and young people struggling with their beliefs (Catholic, Buddhist, Scientologist). Sometimes set in the upheavals of the ‘60s, sometimes entangled in the uncertainty of the ‘70s, Anthony’s characters explore sex, religion, and work. They create new lives and new loves as they strive to hold themselves together in a manner that is certain to capture your attention from beginning to end.

Praise for Joseph Anthony’s Peril, Kentucky ---

“Anthony writes with an insider's knowledge and an outsider's perspective an unusual and effective aesthetic…the writing is spirited and compelling, and the author brings a unique perspective to Appalachian culture.”
---Frederick Smock, in the Louisville Courier-Journal

“Joseph G. Anthony's Peril, Kentucky offers original and profound twists on the seemingly familiar story of outsiders trying to make sense of and live in Appalachia. In a story at once humorous and dark, Anthony introduces readers to an Eastern Kentucky community that welcomes and excludes according to its own code that outsiders cannot crack.” 
--- Judith Hatchett, in the Lexington Herald-Leader