From the Crossroads of the World
by Georgia Green Stamper

Introduction by Leatha Kendrick


You Can Go Anywhere      Georgia Green Stamper


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You Can Go Anywhere
ISBN 978-1-893239-74-6   $16.00.  

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Georgia Stamper's commentaries are heard regularly on NPR member station WUKY-FM. Listen to Mr Carroll's Trip to Hell (mp3) from You Can Go Anywhere,  

"Georgia Green Stamper is a wonderfully original writer. She is to Kentucky what Bailey White is to Georgia --- unique in every way. Humorous, perceptive, and poignant, her essays are perfectly crafted gems illuminating those little moments in life that make it worth living, reminding us to appreciate the present before it quickly passes away. We are still smiling and mulling over her insights, long after we’ve read the last page."
--- Gwyn Hyman Rubio
"This is very powerful writing ... the language, rhythms, diction are so much of a piece, so much reinforce the subject matter --- a fine (and rare!) synergy.... Stamper has very engaging stories to tell, and a masterful facility with the nuanced language needed to tell them."
--- Tony Crunk
"Georgia Green Stamper's essays do that most important thing that only the most accomplished writers are sometimes lucky to do: capture and preserve a place, a time, and its people. Stamper's eye is sharp, and her pen is doubly so. Here is a book brimming with poetry and wisdom."
--- Silas House
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Listen to more of Georgia's commentaries from the WUKY archive.