Hip Poetry 2012
Editors – Mitchell Waldman,
Diana May-Waldman, and Joe McEvoy


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265 pages, $17.00
ISBN 978-1-936138-43-9


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The Hippies of the 1960s rejected societal restrictions and sought their own path to new meaning in life. They immersed themselves in altruism, mysticism, the search for truth, free love, non-violence and peace. Whether they initiated the sexual revolution of the era, or merely took advantage of it, is unclear. Over the years, many of the ideals of the movement have been both diluted and incorporated into mainstream thought. 

Hip Poetry 2012 includes poetry, essays, and fiction from some of the most renowned and well-versed artists of our time, many representative of the hippie era, and other younger, fresher voices, but also having the hippie ethos.

This is art that questions and challenges, moves and dances. In words, we see, hear, feel, and taste the heat and light of the artist. We are with these artists as they meet the horrors, pain, and suffering off the world head-on with an undying spirit of hope and peace. We share the belief that all the traumas the world has suffered are not without some sort of plausible, peaceful solutions if approached in the right way, if we deal with the problems together, sharing as brothers and sisters in a world that sometimes seems to have gone beyond madness.

Sample poem from the book—

            by Dianne Borsenik

make incense from the flowers
dance naked in the light
weave a blanket
fringed with stars
to cover you at night
breathe kisses to the morning
braid songs into your hair
blow wishes on
the feathered spores
that surf the curls of air
and if a storm should hurt you
pour honey on the pain
chase the clouds
and catch them
then laugh
and drink the rain