Where Roots Echo

by Mary Caskey

Where Roots Echo     Mary Caskey

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To say that Mary Caskey's first collection of poetry tumbles out and delights like a patch of nasturtiums from fertile earth would be an understatement. In this remarkable first book, aptly divided into thematic chapters, we travel a life well-lived. Mary's reflections are both mature and playful, delighting us with fresh imagery and turns of phrases. We resonate with personal life histories that ring true and universal; family, love, aging, and adventure are the "classics" that inform Where Roots Echo. Mary's prodigious knowledge of the natural world infuses the collection with intelligence; moose, possum, heron, otter, seal and fawn come alive in this accessible and enjoyable collection."
--- Christine Swanberg

"The love of language reflected in these sensual, gentle, and direct poems is born of a deep appreciation for their subject matter: the beauty of the natural and domestic worlds, kinship, what is foreign in the familiar, and what is familiar in the foreign."
--- Jane Mead