Who Walks Among the Trees with Charity

by Christine Swanberg

  Christine Swanberg, walks, trees, charity
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Christine Swanberg's poems are delightful exaltations of synesthetic metaphor---where winter becomes "a howl within your ribs"; Indian Summer into Autumn is "a great labyrinth unseen…" where "so much goes one without us"; and the daring pleasure of "gliding for a moment/beneath the water's silky surface" is mingled forever with eating "homemade popcorn," Esther Williams opening "like a water lily," and the "faint smell of algae from the theater's spores." Whether her images are of the world around us, or the world within us, Christine Swanberg crafts those images with words that come together with an inalienable rightness.   
---Robert C. Jones, The Mid-America Poetry Review

Christine's poems evoke territory that is familiar yet wondrous. With subject matter that varies widely, she reflects on themes that are spiritual and universal: family and friends, memory, nature, that cosmos, the self. . . . She accepts with grace and gentle humor the "full and ripe" changes that come with "the second half of life." From "domestic wrinkles" to the ghosts that haunt our dreams, from walking alone in Moscow's Red Square or meandering through retirement, Christine never ceases to surprise us with the vision and language of life between experience and imagination. Christine's praise poems are a gift for a life "lived well" and the "fire of a life imagined well." 
--- J. Glenn and Barbara Evans , Poets West