Best Damn Desserts from Bear Wallow to Goosehorn

by LaVece Hughes

More than 350 recipes for desserts and sweet dishes from the South.

181 pages.  ISBN 1-893239-47-0   $15.00.  

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From Bear Wallow to Goosehorn, two southern Kentucky communities where my ancestors lived, to a wider world, the appreciation of good food is universal. Some of the recipes I share with you in this book have been in my family for seven generations. In my family’s experience, desserts were perhaps the most important part of the meal. Desserts were not something to be eaten behind the steering wheel, or in front of the television. Desserts were substantial creations which provided an opportunity for family interaction, a time to relax, to sit over a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea and discuss events of the family and the world.  In today's fast-paced world, those times seem mostly gone. This book is an attempt to recapture some of that relaxed, small-town ambiance, an attempt to provide opportunity for those today who see value in a time for family interactionSo, take a moment to brew a cup of steaming tea, sit down and relax, dip into these recipes, and consider the possibilities.