Hard Love by Charles Semones
Poems of hardship, struggle, strife, and redemption. 
Life made beautiful through language.

Charles Semones' poems communicate a vivid sense of both human loneliness and human connectedness, and especially a sense of kinship and community across time and generations. I am especially taken by the feeling for significant landscape, for the companionship with hounds, the narratives of travel and meditations on craft, such as "Thomas Eakins Talks to Himself Before Painting The Swimming Hole." But I am most taken by the assured voice and craft of the poems themselves.
           --Robert Morgan

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Hard Love
Wind Publications, 1994, 73 pages, $10.00.   

What predominates in Semones' Hard Love is a sense of loss and of the difficulty of love. Here are poems about the struggle to remain, to hold to what must be held to, to do what must be done, to remember and to grieve, and occasionally to accomplish love, though it is hard. Here are poems frequently cast in long, ample lines populated by boys, hounds, the ghosts of the dear and not too dearly departed, by the denizens of Deep Creek-- and by angels. In them, a lone consciousness longs for what is often not to be, and yet carries on with dignity and acceptance-- and sometimes a savage flare of anger. Together these poems create a private Kentucky of the heart, often moonlit and lonely, but "holding place," and unstinting of the real.
                           --Richard Hague

         Charles Semones