Jock: A Coach's Story
by Stuart Warner
Foreword by Billy Reed


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Jock: A Coach's Story
ISBN 978-1-936138-10-4  
270 pages, $16.00

Born a stone’s throw from the University of Kentucky’s Alumni Gym, Jock Sutherland grew up to become one of the most successful and respected coaches in Kentucky High School basketball.  As an Alabama assistant coach under C.M. Newton, he was a groundbreaker in the integration of college sports when he recruited Wendell Hudson, the first black to play a varsity sport for the University of Alabama.

During Sutherland's high school coaching career he took teams from three different schools to Kentucky's Sweet Sixteen. He retired from coaching in 1979 after his Lafayette team won the state tournament, and for twenty years worked as a color man for WHAS sports broadcasts.

“For more than three decades, Stuart Warner has used his considerable skills as an editor and master storyteller to coach other writers to career heights, including several Pulitzer Prizes. Now, this nationally celebrated editor weaves a story of his own, and it is breathtaking in its scope and depth. Sports lovers will devour this story of Coach Jock Sutherland, but even if you've never watched a basketball game or cared about a score, you will cherish this book. JOCK is the moving narrative of one man's dream, but page by page, one riveting moment after another, it unfolds as the story of America.” 
--- Connie Schultz, columnist, Cleveland Plain Dealer

“There hasn't been a more compelling, or humorous, character in Kentucky basketball than Jock Sutherland. He could make you think, howl, laugh or scratch your head -- and that was only in the first five minutes. All of Jock's passion, knowledge and sense of humor shine through in Stuart Warner's book.”
--- Rick Bozich, sports columnist, Louisville Courier-Journal

"Nobody ever loved basketball or people more than Jock Sutherland. He was, and is, an original, special to Kentucky, and those kinds come along so rarely that they deserve to be remembered with fondness and gratitude. My thanks to Stuart Warner for giving Jock the treatment he deserves."
--- Billy Reed, columnist, formerly with the Courier-Journal and Sports Illustrated

"Jock Sutherland
is one of the most colorful characters in Kentucky high school sports history, and it’s about time his story was told. Jock’s love for basketball is what it’s all about. And because of his wit, it was often a funny valentine."
--- Mike Fields, sports columnist, Lexington Herald-Leader