In Killdeer's Field
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In Killdeer's Field, by Steven R. Cope, 2002, 99 pages, $12.00 softcover.  

Steven Cope, poet, musician, song and story writer, has never lost his almost obsessive attachment to the hills of eastern Kentucky where he was born.  Though his themes are far-reaching, he has always maintained, stylistically and otherwise, a conscious independence both inspired and nurtured by that land. His poems have appeared widely and won several prizes and awards. In Killdeer's Field is his first full-length collection.

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From In Killdeer's Field :

           The Other Word

There is a moment with the dying
when a living man must break for a window.
I did, and unveiled it.

A miracle of sun broke.
All eyes turned toward it.
The eyes of the dying, even, came alive

and turned toward it,
as if a savior had entered the room.
I looked for light in the faces

of men and women I had known
only vaguely all the days of my life.
I listened for a voice

that could shout down the walls
or give meaning to a silence.
I cleared my throat like a god.

Then I looked and that one
who had called me here looked.
He was dying, now, differently.

All the air in his body
rolled out of his mouth
like a word he could not have spoken,

like a wild, a savage, a primordial word
from the heart of a gentle beast
we had felled in Killdeer's Field,

going, going, pawing at the earth
for a foothold of light,
sun-reaching beyond belief,

choking on what,
in this life,
he most wanted to tell me.