Poets Laureate of Kentucky
by Betty J. Sparks


Poets Laureate of Kentucky -- 
a history of Kentucky's laureates with an introduction by former poet laureate Richard Taylor. The volume contains brief biographies, photographs, and samples of each laureate's poetry.

Kentucky's Laureates

1926  J.T. Cotton Noe
1928  Edward G. Hill
1945  Louise Scott Phillips
1954  Edwin Carlisle Litsey
1954  Jesse Hilton Stuart
1956  Lowell Allen Williams
1974  Lillie D. Chaffin
1976  Tom Mobley
1978  Agnes O'Rear
1984  Clarence "Soc" Clay
1984  Lee Pennington
1984  Paul Salyers
1986  Dale Faughn
1986  Jim Wayne Miller
1986  Henry E. Pilkenton
1990  James H. Patton
1995  James Still
1997  Joy Bale Boone
1999  Richard Taylor
2001  James Baker Hall
2003  Joe Survant

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           Poet Laureates of Kentucky by Betty J. Sparks

Poets Laureate of Kentucky, 108 pages, ISBN 1893239209, softcover, $14.00.

Kentucky has an illustrious literary tradition. As Richard Taylor has said, "Kentucky is increasingly recognized as a state that has produced important national voices in fiction, drama, and poetry . . . a state that values its rich literary heritage."

Since 1926 the state of Kentucky has appointed twenty- one persons as Poet Laureate, thus honoring worthy poets among its citizens, while paying tribute to the art of poetry.  This recognition of the importance of poetry in Kentucky occurred well before 1986, when Kentuckian Robert Penn Warren was the first to be appointed United States Poet Laureate.

Over the years the post of Kentucky Poet Laureate has evolved from a chiefly honorary title to a position with the appointees assuming responsibility for promoting the literary arts across the state during their two-year tenure. Kentucky's laureates have come from diverse backgrounds and occupations, and have included farmers, lawyers, educators, home-makers, bankers, legislators, writers, and businessmen.  Each of these persons has, in their own unique way, contributed to the outstanding literary tradition and heritage of Kentucky.


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