Song of Lisbon

Laura Eklund


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Probing inward becomes for Eklund a means of connecting outward, her poetry like a chrysalis born out of the hermetic disengagement of post-modernist expression. Her poetry balances exquisite expressionist elements of line that reveal  our human connection to the world she  exposes in all its exposed symmetry and beauty. The purity of her poetic expression is matched only by the purity of her human experience through which she exposes her deepest elemental core and experiential center as a woman, as an artist.
Thomas Sanfilip

In Song of Lisbon are many songs.  It’s a suite of intense lyric poems, each having its own verbal music, complexity, and emotional weight.  Yet all these various wide-ranging poems occur in the same or similar key, for they have the same singular voice, one whose authority never falters but flows naturally from one poem to another, with just a whole note rest in between.  It’s a lover’s voice: uncommon, fantastical, unique.  It’s a female one—edgy, cool, passionate and pure.
          — Llewellyn McKernan


  From the book —

Pursuing the Horizon

It lingers in the air like hot wax
an unforgiving smell.
The cold is coming in –
you can sense it underneath the fowl
on the shoulder of dancing perception
he adheres to the air
like a rusty faded bird cage.
Like a goat’s empty smile
a multitude becomes every line
that is borrowed and burned.
The hen can no longer fly
or listen for freedom.
The North is electrified by his wings
history offers a new set of angels.