Raccoon John Smith
Frontiersman and Reformer

by Everett Donaldson

Raccoon John Smith: Wind Publications, 1993, softbound, 199 pages, numerous photographs and maps, $9.95

The only biography of Raccoon John Smith published since the 1800s, Donaldson's book provides a valuable account of pioneer life on the Kentucky frontier. The book is of interest to both religious and secular readers.  

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"I am John Smith, from Stockton's Valley. In more recent years I have lived in Wayne, among the rocks and hills of the Cumberland. Down there, saltpeter caves abound, and raccoons make their homes. . . .  I stand before you today a man without an education. But my brethern, even in that ill-favored region, the Lord, in good time, found me. He showed me His wondrous grace, and called me to preach the everlasting gospel of His Son."
             --1815 in Crab Orchard, Kentucky.

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