The Book of Saws 
by Steven R. Cope



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These are fables and tales like none you've ever read before.  Here you'll find the wisdom of the ages distilled from copper coils and coal veins at the head of an Appalachian holler.  In cerealis veritas.  Steven Cope will hold your interest from the first page to the last.  In these fables you'll find morals without moralizing, sentiment without sentimentality, and a gentle and ironic wisdom that will make you shake your head and smile, if not chuckle.  You'll phone your best friend to say, "Hey, listen to this . . ."

"At once witty and wise, classic and refreshing, The Book of Saws by Steven Cope, exposes the absurdity of human pretensions.  With this fabulist's light touch, he offers deep truths and helps us laugh at ourselves."
                      — George Ella Lyon

"Droll, pungent, quirky, disarming, irreverent, feisty, fun . . . What more can I say?  A most engaging little book."
                     — Ed McClanahan

"Steve Cope, the poet, the fiction writer, the musician, the song writer—and now Steve Cope the fabulist. Imagine Aesop, Chaucer, and Boccaccio with a contemporary twist—indeed there's enough in The Book of Saws to delight all ages. This is my favorite Steve Cope work—his reach and versatility are amazing!"
Jeff Daniel Marion

Click HERE for more information about author Steven Cope, erstwhile rock and country singer, throwback hippie, folk singing guitarist and songwriter, poet, novelist, former you-name-it, brother to animals and tree-hugger, one foot proud hillbilly, the other grafted-Indian, sooner sit on a rock than own a megaplex.



      Book of Saws illustrations by Julie Baumgardner

How is it that you,
a monkey with two
tails, have been able
to endure despite your
handicap, and not only
to endure but to outdo
in accomplishment
even normal monkeys
with single tails?