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Proceedings of the Testing Integrity Program Workshop

Furosemide in the Horse
Its Actions, Effects, and Regulatory Control

Furosemide in the Horse, a Testing Integrity Program (TIP) seminar and workshop held at the New Orleans Hilton Riverside, March 1, 1998. Convened by Dr. Richard Sams and Dr. Scott Stanley.

Furosemide (lasix), routinely used as a pre-race treatment for prevention of bleeding in racing horses, continues to be a controversial drug.

This volume includes the following topics:

  • Causes of exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH).
  • History of the use of furosemide and its role in the prevention of EIPH.
  • Effects of furosemide on racing performance and drug detection.
  • Regulatory approaches to the use of furosemide, including discussions of quantitative testing and proper sample collection technique.
  • Role of specific gravity in the regulation of the use of furosemide.

This volume contains presentations from some of the nation's leading equine pharmacologists, racing chemists, and veterinarians. Participants include Dr. Richard Sams, Dr. Ron Jensen, Dr. Lawrence Soma, Dr. Gary Norwood, Dr. Allen Ray, Dr. Dan Harkins, and Dr. Thomas Tobin.

Furosemide in the Horse

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