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The Mountain Mourning Collection

Five (5) Videos on one DVD:

Each film in the collection affirms the beauty of creation and portrays the human experience in the coal-rich regions of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Stunning images and traditional Appalachian music call forth an awareness of the unsustainable devastation caused by destructive mining practices, which threatens all but the human spirit.
  1. Mountain Mourning
  2. Look What They’ve Done
  3. Keeper of the Mountains
  4. “Call to Action”
  5. Excerpts from “Bringing Down the Mountains”

The mountains of Appalachia are among the oldest mountains in the world. Appalachians are a proud people, with a unique culture and a deep connection to the land that surrounds them. This is coal country. Today, traditional coal mining is being replaced with Mountaintop Removal. As communities fall victim to valley fills, flooding, polluted drinking water, lost jobs and poverty, people of conscience are coming together to stop this destructive mining practice.  Mountains don’t grow back. 10,000 years from now, Appalachia will still show the scars of what has been done in our lifetimes.  Visit: www.christiansforthemountains.org