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Root for the Cubs: Charlie Root and the 1929 Chicago Cubs       Roger Snell $17.00
Equine Drug Testing and Therapeutic Medication Regulation     (hardcover)
   Thomas Tobin and Kent Stirling
Kentucky's Famous Feuds and Tragedies
    Charles Mutzenberg     (hardcover)
Steam in the Heart: Life and Times Along the Morehead & North Fork Rails   (hardcover)
   Fred Brown
Days of Anger, Days of Tears: The History of the Rowan County War  (hardcover)  
   Fred Brown & Juanita Blair
Bright Wings to Fly: An Appalachian Family in the Civil War    Bruce Hopkins $16.00
Poets Laureate of Kentucky   Betty J. Sparks     $14.00
Spirits in the Field    Bruce Hopkins $15.00
Elizabeth Madox Roberts: Essays of Reassessment and Reclamation  editors HR Stoneback and Steven Florczyk $20.00
River of Words: James Still's Literary Legacy  (hardcover)   Claude Lafie Crum $20.00
Celebrating Janice -- Proceedings of the 1991 Giles Symposium    edited by Clara Metzmeier $15.00
Kentucky's Most Hated Man   
John Sparks
Live Like Larry     Denny Trease $15.00
Kentucky's Everyday Heroes: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things    Steve Flairty $15.00
Looking Beyond the Mountains   Steven Hammond $15.00
Moving Out, Finding Home   Bob Fox $15.00
The Garden Girls Letters & Journal  
 Laverne Zabielski
Girty     Richard Taylor $15.00
Crossing Troublesome     Leatha Kendrick & George Ella Lyon $20.00
Tobacco -- A Literary Anthology    Edmund August $14.00
Best of Wind    Steven Cope & Charlie Hughes $15.00
Best Damn Desserts from Bear Wallow to Goosehorn    LaVece Hughes $15.00
Kentucky Authors Cook     Barbara Popyach $15.00
Cooking With My Friends     LaVece Hughes $15.00

Click on the title for a description.  More recent titles are nearer the top of the list.
The Luminescence of All Things Emily
     Elizabeth Oakes
Father   Jeff Daniel Marion $15.00
Everyone's Daughter    Marguerite Floyd $15.00
Fear of Moving Water    Alex Grant $15.00
Burning Heaven     Jim Minick $15.00
Sonnets from Sourwood    Billy C. Clark $15.00
Craft-talk: On Writing Poetry  
   Frederick Smock
The Time I Didn't Know What to Do Next
   J. Stephen Rhodes
Birds in the Tops of Winter Trees
   Ron Houchin
Dimming Radiance     Dan Stryk $15.00
Persistence of Vision      C. Lynn Shaffer $15.00
Toy Firing Squad      Tom Chandler $15.00
What Space This Body    J.C. Todd $15.00
America! What's My Name?    Frank X Walker $15.00
Where Roots Echo    Mary Caskey $15.00
To Catch an Autumn   Billy C. Clark $15.00
Her Secret Dream    Rita Quillen $15.00
Catalpa    George Ella Lyon $15.00
Breathing in Darkness   Ted Olson $15.00
What Feeds Us   Diane Lockward $15.00
Appalachian Studies    Anne Shelby $15.00
Cross this Bridge at a Walk  Jared Carter $15.00
Five Terraces     Ann Fisher-Wirth $15.00
Felt Along the Blood -- Selected and New Poems  by Harry Brown $15.00
Lives of the Poem   Richard Hague   (hardcover) $29.00
Lives of the Poem   Richard Hague (softcover) $19.00
Who Walks Among the Trees With Charity  
Christine Swanberg
Moon Dogs   Edmund August $15.00
Crow -- The Children's Poems   
    Steven Cope     (hardcover only)
Prayers for Comfort in Difficult Times 
   Marguerite Bouvard
Among Wordless Things    Ron Houchin $15.00
The Woman Who Has Eaten the Moon 
  Lucinda Grey
Poetry As Prayer --  Appalachian Women Speak     Denise McKinney $15.00
The Tongue   Tom C. Hunley $15.00
Afternoon in the Country of Summer  
     Charles Semones
Eve's Red Dress     Diane Lockward $15.00
In Killdeer's Field    Steven R. Cope $15.00
Shifting for Myself       Charlie Hughes $15.00
The Chinese Poet Awakens     Jeff Daniel Marion $15.00
The Chinese Poet Awakens   Jeff Daniel Marion   (limited edition hardcover) $25.00
Hard Love  Charles Semones $10.00
Changing Shapes   Margaret Hoehn $6.95
Balloon Heart   Beth Gylys $6.95
Clover's Log    Steven R Cope $15.00
The Singing of the Wheels    Brian Long $15.00
Camden Blues   Joseph Anthony $16.00
People Like Us: Stories    Laura Weddle $16.00
Kentucky Waltz    Garry Barker $15.00
A House of Girls   Thomas Rain Crowe $15.00
Fresh-fleshed Sisters   Normandi Ellis $15.00
To Find a Birdsong    Billy C. Clark $20.00
Nobody Knows, Nobody Sees   Bob Sloan $16.00
Peril, Kentucky     Joseph Anthony $15.00
Crossing the Great Divide   Nancy Roberts $15.00
Home Call    Bob Sloan $15.00
Silk and Steel     Jan Sparkman $15.00
Bearskin to Holly Fork       Bob Sloan $15.00
The Book of Saws        Steven R. Cope $15.00
Sassafras    Steven R. Cope $15.00
A Memory of Firelight: Selected Columns from the Lexington Herald-Leader
    Paul Prather
Head of the Holler: Vol 1   Garry Barker $15.00
You Can Go Anywhere: From the Crossroads of the World    Georgia Green Stamper $16.00
Poetry and Compassion:  Essays on Art and Craft    Frederick Smock $15.00
A Storm of Honey    Charles Semones $15.00
Appalachia's Last Stand: The Appalachian Mountains Must Not Be Sacrificed for Cheap Energy     Delilah O'Haynes $16.00
The End of Eden: Writings of an Environmental Activist
    Thomas Rain Crowe
Missing Mountains  edited by Kristin Johannsen, Bobbie Ann Mason, Mary Ann Taylor-Hall $16.00